Holding regular meetings is more important than many supervisors think, but unfortunately, many companies have scrapped in-person meetings, preferring instead to send company-wide newsletters. While there is nothing wrong with sending emails and newsletters, nothing beats face-to-face communication in the business world, and companies that do not hold regular meetings are missing out on a plethora of opportunities. If you aren’t currently holding regular meetings, here are some reasons to consider changing your mind.

Make Sure Everyone is Informed

Is everyone at your company on the same page? This can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you don’t hold regular staff meetings. Communication in the workplace can deteriorate over time, leading to some employees being informed about important matters while others remain completely ignorant. Issues can become even more complicated when managers are not informed of important happenings. Regular meetings can ensure this type of miscommunication doesn’t occur.

Set Company Goals

Setting company goals may seem like an outdated task to many managers, but over time, it is easy for a professional team to forget what it is working towards. During staff meetings, take time to discuss the company’s:

• Vision

• Culture

• Expectations

• Standards

When a goal is clearly defined, and your workers know what is expected of them, you will be surprised at the positive impact goal-setting can have on productivity levels. If certain rules or regulations are hindering your team from reaching its goals, you can take steps to remove or modify them during the meeting.

Solve Complex Problems

Every company has its own set of unique problems that plague its managers and employees. If you don’t hold regular meetings, your employees won’t have the opportunity to discuss these problems at length. This can be a serious issue, and often, problems can only be solved when multiple individuals provide their input. During meetings, discuss problems and encourage your employees to participate in the discussion. You never know – you just might come up with a solution.

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